deltacompany: connecting viewpoints

Deltacompany facilitates effective collaboration between individuals, teams and within organizations. We are experts in building intercultural competence, facilitating team collaboration and managing organizational change – all to reach top performance.

Deltacompany is led by Robert Paul Schwippert. With over 25 years of international experience as a manager, consultant, trainer and coach, grounded in a profound theoretical education, Robert Paul has the ability to facilitate international leaders and their teams to work effectively across personalities, hierarchies and geographies.

Our Expertise: 'connecting viewpoints' to enable performance improvement: 

  • We help you to understand different cultures and facilitate intercultural collaboration
  • We help you to grasp team dynamics and leverage the diversity in your team 
  • We help you to effectively manage change in your organization and 
  • We help you to develop as individual, team or organization to achieve your potential.