Working together across cultures

When people from different cultural backgrounds come together, the rules of operation and ways of working together can no longer be taken for granted. E.g. some cultures tend to communicate directly and say bluntly what is on their mind, other cultures are more careful and use an indirect and subtle communication style to share their opinions. Similarly concepts such as decision making, accountability etc. are different from one culture to another, thus presenting a challenge in effective collaboration. However difficult this may be, there is an upside…

It has been proven that more diversity can lead to better business results. If we are able to leverage the different viewpoints in the (virtual) room, we are able to build on each other and find creative and innovative solutions. But how does one develop this competence?

By exploring the various layers of culture, going beyond the behaviours at the surface to understand the underlying different basic assumptions, we help leaders to appreciate different points of view. Using a model that identifies the most important dimensions of culture, we can provide a framework for discussing culture, thus broadening the leader’s perspective and helping them capitalize on differences - a process of enrichment.

In this way we can help you collaborate more effectively across cultures, resulting in better understanding, cooperation and business results.