Deltacompany is there to help you to be more successful. Operating on the intersection between business results and human behaviour we are there to help you to reach optimal performance and we see culture, teams and individuals as sources of value that can help you get there. We strongly believe in the power of collaboration to achieve extraordinary results and we see the ability to connect to what may seem opposing viewpoints as a potential enabler of your aspirations. That is where we can add value. 


Our expertise lies in three distinct areas:

  1. Culture: understanding intercultural differences and using these to broaden perspectives and find new solutions
  2. Team Facilitation: building awareness of team dynamics and using these to achieve optimal collaboration
  3. Organisational change: helping individuals, teams and organisations to deal effectively with change, by providing tools, insights and support.


delta is the Greek symbol for change. Delta also symbolizes the difference - where we distinguish ourselves from others. The three triangles represent not only different viewpoints (connected) but equally symbolize the rational, emotional and behavioural aspects of change that we seek to combine in an integrated manner in our interventions.

Connecting Viewpoints

Our motto is Connecting Viewpoints. Due to our culture, personality or position in the organisation we have our viewpoints and they make sense - to us. However, others may have different viewpoints, which - and that may be surprising - could be equally 'right' and make sense from their perspective. The art of successful collaboration is the ability to deal with these different viewpoints in a constructive manner. When we are able to open up to other perspectives - instead of polarizing and advocating our own - we create space to find new creative solutions that will bring different results.

"We can never grow to become great business leaders until we actively strive to embrace the behaviors and attitudes that feel most uncomfortable to us” – Charles Hampden-Turner