Organisational change

Todays’ organisations face rapid change - like never before. Globalisation has increased and complexity has cumulated, e.g. due to new developments such as matrix organisation and virtual working. In addition often one is required to manage various stakeholders with conflicting interests, leading to higher levels of ambiguity and anxiety. This presents challenges to both leaders and individuals in organisations and it is clear that they can benefit from support to deal with the changes as effectively as possible. We work with you to identify your unique challenges and the best way to address these in your specific organisation, using the most recent change management tools and methodologies.

Change and Transition

In dealing with change processes it is key to understand the difference between change and transition - whereby transition is what happens in people’s minds as they go through change. Change can happen quickly, while transition usually occurs more slowly. We facilitate change processes in teams and organisations by identifying different phases that people move through in their transition (Letting go, Neutral zone, New beginning). We can help leaders to identify where their team members are in the change process and - based on that - what support they require to facilitate them to deal with the change effectively.

Dealing with Dilemmas

The ability to hold both viewpoints at the same time –and refrain from being judgmental or making a choice between the two - is a key leadership trait in successfully dealing with change. We therefore think it is important to develop the leaders mind set in managing the tension between conflicting propositions – which we call dilemmas. Dilemma Reconciliation (developed by Charles Hampden-Turner) is the ability to assess and contain opposing ideas, strategies or concepts and, instead of choosing one at the expense of the other, to generate a creative resolution from the tensions in the form of new insights, new decisions or new ways of doing things.  We develop this skill and your ability to apply it to your specific dilemmas, facilitating effective change in your organization.