Theresa Sigillito Hollema


Theresa is an experienced consultant, facilitator and team coach who works with senior leaders, managers, high potentials and teams in global organizations. Theresa’s focus areas include developing cultural competence, working virtually across borders and building high performance teams and she is an expert in designing workshops and events that uncover assumptions and lead to critical conversations. Theresa brings a high level of professionalism and integrity to all her work as she partners with clients to deliver the best intervention for their business context and professional needs.

Professional Experience

Theresa came to understand the business case for the development of cultural competence while working in management positions within international manufacturing and marketing organizations. During this time she led various multi-cultural teams and projects, including system integration projects and post-acquisition integration programs in Central and Eastern Europe. As a cultural consultant and team coach, she has facilitated workshops and worked with teams across the globe for companies including Tetra Pak (Academy), DSM, Prudential, Philips (Academy), Linde Group, Generali Group, BSI Bank, Rolls-Royce, Nokia, LafargeHolcim, Ericsson, Pfizer, Ricoh and GE Healthcare, specifically facilitating post-merger cultural development, in-house management development training and multi-cultural and virtual team development. Her passion for the topic combined with a practical approach to business processes and issues resonates well with participants interested in improving their understanding of the complexities of multi-cultural, virtual environments.


Theresa personifies the motto “We talk culture, we mean business”. After receiving her MBA from University of Michigan in the US, this American relocated to Europe for a large ERP implementation across the Western European countries. At this point she became aware of the need for cultural competence while working on multi-cultural projects. Since then Theresa has led a variety of multicultural teams and projects including an acquisition in Ukraine and post-acquisition integration projects in Ukraine, Poland, Denmark and Western Europe. Theresa’s underlying belief in the potential of diverse teams for extraordinary innovation and business solutions drives her to continue to participate and embrace multi-cultural teams both in her professional and private life.