Nita Korsten


As an expert facilitator, trainer and consultant, Nita specializes in working with senior leaders, high-functioning teams and across organizational units to diagnose gaps in team performance. She applies her knowledge of organizational behaviour, cross-cultural performance management and intercultural communication to design strategies and practices of the 21st century global workplace. Nita focuses in particular on facilitating international teams to work together more effectively in order to drive greater returns in organizational productivity.

Professional Experience

Nita has over twenty-five years of experience in international business, organizational development and management consulting. Her career has included extended stints in diverse industries that include professional services, real estate and facility management, executive search, training and education. She has also worked across a comprehensive spectrum of business contexts, such as the design and implementation of new product lines, mergers and acquisitions, organizational restructuring and company-wide business process change.

Prior to her work as a cross cultural Consultant, Nita served in senior leadership positions at the French-American AOS Studley. She was general director of the Rotterdam office - where she worked closely with her Belgian colleagues of the shared service centre - after serving as the International HR Manager for the Paris headquarters. She also managed a start-up as a franchise holder of In Touch, a Dutch executive search firm for women business leaders. Nita was also a management consultant for ten years with FMH Group and ended her tenure as the managing director of the training and education business.


Nita received a MA of Culture, Organization and Management from the VU University in Amsterdam. She has continued her learning in this field by pursuing certifications in Leadership and Executive Management. Nita has lived and worked in The Netherlands, the United States, Germany and France and has travelled extensively throughout the world. She speaks Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish and enjoys all opportunities to learn and connect across cultures.